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A Bay Area Break

Our big trip to  Italy  and the birth Fitz put my wanderlust on hold for awhile. I don’t like the idea of an airplane with a baby/toddler but I do need a break from the grind.  I am craving a short vacation in the bay area that includes: wine, friends, cheese, burritos, walking, the city and a beach. Hopefully we can make this happen. If we do here are my favorite things to do in the area:

  1. Stay in Inverness. Marcos’s family has a cabin in Pt Reyes. I would like to wander around to the various beach towns sprinkled nearby and eat cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. Fitz loves Chicken Ranch Beach and its a five minute walk from the house.

2) San Francisco- We would spend a few days in the city visiting family and friends. I love hanging out in Dolores Park and browsing knife shops with Marcos. If we stay in the city I hope to get a babysitter and get cocktails at Trick Dog and dinner at Flour and Water.

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