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A Hope-full Marriage

Like many people, this last week has been pretty rough in the McQueen household.  We met on the Obama campaign and the timeline of our marriage  follows Presidential terms. Our one year anniversary was the inauguration of Obama in January of 2008. We moved to Japan and voted absentee in January of 2012.  This year, our first baby boy will be born in January, 2016.  We had hoped he would join the world just as Hillary was being sworn in, but it didn’t work out that way.

We are going through the stages of grief  from the results of this election. One way we are moving forward is is channeling our disappointment into action and positive change.  Our marriage is based on the shared principles of equality, justice, responsibility and hope. That will not change, regardless of who our leader is. We plan on getting involved locally, nationally, and donating to causes that we believe in. Some of the organizations that we strongly support are below.

Planned Parenthood


Black Lives Matter

So it goes, here we go!

Me and Marcos when we first met in 2007 working on the Obama campaign


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