A New Year

Today is our birthday! Our friend Alyce asked us what we wanted this year for our lives, or what we were looking forward to.  I said I wanted to be content with what I have. Where I am in life, the house, the job, just take the time to be grateful with what I have. I spend a lot of time doing the next thing, like I am in some kind of race, I’ve always been like that.  While that probably will not change, I am practicing stepping back, being in the moment and taking time to feel contentment with where I am, which is a  very good place.

Shelby’s answer was also a very 31-year-old answer she, and I too, want to work more on house projects! Shelby and Zach want to continue making their house a home, put in a fireplace, finish a bathroom, and make the house what they want it to be. When you buy your first place its a whole different story. You actually take pride in how it looks and feels and it becomes that backdrop/setting for your life, which is important.

I think if we looked back on  journals from when we were in our twenties our goals and intentions would be different. In fact, I know, that the times I used to write in my journal were when I was under duress or the night before my birthday, so it’s hilarious to look back through them and see how dramatic everything was.  Last night I thought about journaling but instead was too tired and cuddled up with my kindle instead. That’s how things have changed.

So far this introduction into 30’s is awesome. I am not feeling old, I am actually feel like I should be 67 for how much life has been lived. I am finally, feeling just right.  I

Happy Birthday Shelby! Doing life together, makes every year easier, and better!

This year will be quite the year, I know it! Glad to have you all along for the ride.

bday pics