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A Strategy for Anxiety

Laura Murray Photography, Colorado, Engagement, Film

I sometimes struggle with anxiety. I can feel like everything is a priority 1 and it can keep me up at night.

Recently a therapist friend told me something helpful to do before bed if you are feeling anxious.

She said close your eyes. Now take everything you are thinking about and worried about and put it into a container. Image what the container looks like and feels like. Put your worries in there. Now, let’s take duct tape and put a layer around that container so the worries are securely inside. Now imagine where to put that container far far away.  Maybe it’s on a dessert island or the bottom of the ocean. Then imagine the container dropping or being buried. Then, imagine leaving the container, travel back to your home. Now, open your eyes.

I felt so much better knowing that all the stress was far away and I could sleep. Try this next time you are feeling anxious before bed, or really, anytime. It has helped me.

(Photo of me by Laura Murray)

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