Baby Boy!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

My Mom, Sister and I went to baby GAP a few weeks ago. We picked out a baby boy and girl outfit. Then, after I got the ultrasound, I gave them the envelope and they handed me the right gift.  Marcos and I met for a late dinner after work, nervously opened the gift at our favorite restaurant and … we opened the little boy outfit! BOY! Since that moment, every time I think about having a boy, there is an exclamation mark included. I can hardly believe it.

I come from a very girl centered word. My Mom raised Shelby and I. We have always been surrounded by a gaggle of girls in our immediate and extended families. I get girls, I LOVE baby girls clothes, I always imagined a daughter. Given that my experience with boys, much less little boys, is limited, the idea of having a boy is terrifying. It is also  exciting, joyful and feels just right. Mostly, regardless of gender, I am almost ready to begin raising a good human.

Finding out the gender, for me, was affirming. The baby was kicking, and healthy, and I feel now, more than ever, that this next chapter will be a good one.

The ultrasound looked exactly like Marcos! We were both laughing in the ultrasound room.

Image from Just Real Moms–maybe our baby will have wild hair like mine 😉


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