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Baby Boy!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

My Mom, Sister and I went to baby GAP a few weeks ago. We picked out a baby boy and girl outfit. Then, after I got the ultrasound, I gave them the envelope and they handed me the right gift.  Marcos and I met for a late dinner after work, nervously opened the gift at our favorite restaurant and … we opened the little boy outfit! BOY! Since that moment, every time I think about having a boy, there is an exclamation mark included. I can hardly believe it.

I come from a very girl centered word. My Mom raised Shelby and I. We have always been surrounded by a gaggle of girls in our immediate and extended families. I get girls, I LOVE baby girls clothes, I always imagined a daughter. Given that my experience with boys, much less little boys, is limited, the idea of having a boy is terrifying. It is also  exciting, joyful and feels just right. Mostly, regardless of gender, I am almost ready to begin raising a good human.

Finding out the gender, for me, was affirming. The baby was kicking, and healthy, and I feel now, more than ever, that this next chapter will be a good one.

The ultrasound looked exactly like Marcos! We were both laughing in the ultrasound room.

just real moms

Image from Just Real Moms–maybe our baby will have wild hair like mine 😉

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