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Baby Dreams

baby pic

Last night I had a dream that the baby had just come, at five months, and it was fine. It was a little girl. I forgot to buckle her into her carseat and she fell out, but it was all good. The baby slept with her eyes open and I freaked out…but it turned out, in the dream, that some babies just sleep that way. I breastfed the baby and the milk gagged her and got into her eyes.  Even though she was a day old in the dream, she took her little hands and dabbed the milk out of her eyes. During the dream I  had a several friends around me that had babies and were telling me what to do, even though what they said wasn’t working out so perfect.   The Principal of my school was also in my dream… I had decided to keep working and keep the baby under my desk.  She told me I should take maternity leave.

Overall, I feel like this dream is reflective of how parenting will be. It won’t be perfect, but probably all good. I’ll have friends and people who have been there with me, and we’ll figure it out.

We find out the baby’s gender tomorrow! I am dying with curiosity.  What do you think? Boy or Girl?

Happy middle of the week!

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