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Baby News!

18 weeks!

Marcos and I officially announced we are expecting a baby on our fifth wedding anniversary. I have felt like my own elephant in the room on this blog because the baby thing has been such a huge part of my life and I’ve been wanting to share it, but not too early, because I was still processing. I still am. I am almost five months into the journey.

We found out I was pregnant shortly before we left for Italy.  Part of the trip, that I didn’t exactly mention, is that I napped about 3 times a day! The first trimester was surreal, the second one is humming along. I will be sharing about the pregnancy on A&H on Wednesdays (BUMP DAY).  I will be discussing the trimesters, the clothes, the problems, the solutions, fears, celebrations…all the baby things.

Can’t wait to finally, be on the same page with you all! Also first belly shot, I almost didn’t share it. 19 weeks.

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