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Baby Woke Mama

Hey everyone! This is the last week for Alcott and High. We changed the name to Baby Woke Mama and our website address is now

We have actually both physically moved from Alcott and High Streets (More on that later) and are moving in our thinking, actions, and goals. We hope you can come along for our new adventures in Denver and the Bay Area.

The blog is focused on being woke- literally and figuratively as Mamas. While we will still be discussing a lot of the topics of the past, this blog will be focused on the changes we have experienced and issues that matter to us as Mamas, individuals, partners, friends, sisters and community members. This blog is a safe space to converse as women and as friends.

We hope you will follow along on and on instagram @babywokemama

If you want to check the archives our old posts will still be available.

Peace and Love,

Shan and Shelby

@babywokemama #babywokemama

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