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Blanket Scarf

I was gifted two blanket scarfs this past Christmas. One from myself and one from Shelby. The weather outside is turning cold and the temperature at my work is equally frigid. The blanket scarves have been serving their purpose. I basically get to wrap myself  in a cozy blanket all day and have it be socially acceptable, and even stylish! The scarves are from JCREW and they are on sale right now.

Here are some different ways to rock the blanket scarf.

blanket scarf tutorial

At first, Shelby and I were confused about how to style them, but we learned a few tricks.  Wear with a simple shirt so that the blanket scarf is the main focus.  Make sure to fold the scarf before putting it on like one of the examples above.  Wearing your hair pulled back is best if you have long curls because the volume of the scarf can get in the way and you can look messy.  Blanket scarves are also great for just being cozy (and looking stylish) at home.

Do any of you have blanket scarves?  How are you wearing them this season?

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