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Comfort Movies

Last night I went to see the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Going to the movies with friends is lovely, on a date, lovelier, alone–essential at times. I love seeing movies solo and the light storyline, lively music and awesome fashion helped me a escape the grind for a minute. I started to think about other films that bring me comfort. Sex and the City is a nostalgic tv series for me and the movie is filled with tender moments like the New Year’s Eve scene where Carrie Visits Miranda and the moment when Charlotte hugs Carrie after Big ditches their wedding. I also love the film About Time. My favorite quote is ” I am in love with my extraordinary, ordinary life” and the general British dry humor. The Sound of Music is also a total comfort film for me but its sooo long. I will Youtube My Favorite Things when I feel I need to be reminded of them.

What are your go to films and why do you love them? Reply with the film and one word explaining why you love it.

Image from Sex and the City the Movie and second image from the film About Time

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