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Denver Neighborhood Love: The Highlands

We love our neighborhood in North Denver – the Highlands.  When Zach and I moved from Oakland back home to Denver we were anxious about leaving the city we had grown to love so much.  In Oakland we lived in the perfect spot – between three great neighborhoods with walking distance to some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in the area.  When we moved back to Denver we decided we wanted to live in a place where we could walk to go get drinks or go out to dinner.  We found the cutest little purple row house and started renting it in August 2011.  I quickly found favorite places that make the neighborhood special to me.

One of my favorite places in the Highlands is Wooden Spoon.  They have the best food!  Gorgeous baked goods (I am a sucker for chocolate croissants), yummy sandwiches, and their breakfast sandwiches on brioche bread are to die for.  All of the folks that work there are friendly and interesting.   It’s only five blocks from our house and we probably frequent it at least once a week.

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One of the things I appreciate about Wooden Spoon is they have a no laptops or tablets rule.  There are these cute little wooden tables and chairs that make you feel like you are in Europe (every table always has a bud vase with fresh flowers, too!).  And you are encouraged to be present with whomever you are with and just enjoy your morning.  Or, you can get a great cup of coffee and read a real book!


I found a great nail place in my neighborhood pretty early on.  Four Seasons Nails (no, not the Hotel) is a comfortable, friendly nail salon where you feel like family when you become a regular.  What I like most is that they are consistent – it doesn’t matter who does your nails that day, they are going to look great.

Shannon and I got some winter colors the other day

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My favorite store in the Highlands is Inspyre Boutique.  The first store was in Lower Highlands (right down the street from Wooden Spoon), but now they have expanded to other Denver neighborhoods.  I go to Inspyre when I need something to wear that is special and that doesn’t look like something everyone else is wearing.  I also enjoy shopping at the boutique because the sales staff are incredibly friendly and supportive.  One of the first times I went in the girl working encouraged me to try on a pair of jeans I never would have thought looked good on me and when I put them on, I didn’t take them off for a year – they became my go-to.  Inspyre also has great accessories, so I often stop there for gifts for my girlfriends and sister.


I hope you enjoyed my tour through our neighborhood.  Shannon will be sharing her obsessions in West City Park soon, and then we will do features of other Denver neighborhoods as well.

Let me know if you have other favorite spots in the Highlands you think I should check out!

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