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Face Washing is such a PAIN

I avoid, and kind of always have, getting ready for bed. Sometimes, I avoid getting ready for the in the morning too, but WORK. When I was young I would often just splash cold water on my face and call it a day. Now, I will often just do nothing. Also, I now have wrinkles on my face because of a year of limited sleep, little water, and mostly caffeine.

I need to get a routine together and I am turning to the K beauty movement to get started. CVS has a million adorable products from the beauty-obsessed country of South Korea. I will be using this natural line.

Over the next 21 days, the amount of time experts say it takes to build a habit, I am going to follow a morning and evening skin care routine. To be honest, I feel brighter and more with it, when I take care of myself. This sounds obvious but everything is kind of dazey with a baby.

Day one starts tomorrow when my Amazon purchases arrive.

The process looks like this:

  1. Cleanse with CosRx low pH good morning gel cleanser

  2. Use CosRx toner

  3. Dab on CeraVe eye cream

  4. Body Merry Moisturizer

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