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Family Date Night

We are in a kind of lifestyle change and its been adjustment going from two incomes to o incomes and leaning-into a student budget since we moved to Berkeley. Marcos and I are trying to do date nights regularly but one thing we have started is a weekly family dinner out. There are so so many good restaurants in the bay area and we pick an affordable place and try it with Fitz.

It’s kind of a once a week thing to look forward to and its usually toward the end of the week when we are both not feeling like cooking or want to usher in the weekend in a fun way. So far we have had Vietnamese, Soul Food, and Laosim cuisine. Fitz loves eating out and its a good time for us all to just unwind and explore our new town. Do you have some weekly family indulgences? movies?Affordable traditions? I remember growing up we would always order pizza and watch TGIF. Do share your family weekly go tos!

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