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Food Love: How To Do a Brunch

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Recently Marcos and I hosted a brunch with our friends. (You can see the menu in the picture behind Alyce below.)


I learned a few lessons about hosting brunch with your husband… if he is cooking (I am pretty darn lucky).

  1. You have to ask how you can help…then actually do it.  We didn’t eat for about 45 minutes because I wasn’t doing my assigned tasks in the kitchen (having too much fun drinking mimosas!)

  2. Make a menu and stick with it.  I kept trying to add ideas, but Marcos already knew what would go together.

  3. The person not cooking (me) needs to host– ask people if they want coffee, mimosas, etc…because I was just chatting with my girlfriends and I think he might have felt alone in the kitchen.

  4. Each person hosting should have certain jobs and make sure they are done on time or it will be 1pm before you start eating! Ask you friends to help prepare the salad or serve drinks (people love to help, plus everyone always ends up talking in the kitchen anyway, so might as well put them to work).

  5. Doing some prep work the day before will save time on the day of the brunch.


The brunch was delicious:  we had a vegan scramble, a miso porridge with brandied peaches, a burrito bar with eggs, potatoes and green chili , a simply dressed green salad, and a fruit salad. We had friends bring the green salad and champagne for mimosas.


Now that I have learned my lessons from hosting our first brunch, we should start planning the next one.  Any suggestions for what we (come on, we all know its Marcos) should cook next?

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