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Food Love: The Easiest Meal Prep

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Quick note: This is not a diet post. It’s my easy, and happens to be healthy (cause why not?) post about how I am figuring out how to prepare meals for the busy week ahead. 

funny shirt

I have over-thought my meal prep for years. I always pin the healthy meal prep ideas but the process  just seems like too much. I  end up going to Whole Foods on the way to work or doing a ton of unhealthy snacking because  I am not organized with preparing ahead. I finally found a system that is working for me. I prepare lunches on Sunday, or try to.

1)I prepare a green smoothie for breakfast with protein.- 3 handfuls of spinach, a banana (takes away the spinach taste) blueberries, a scoop of whey protein. I mix it in the vitamix on the smoothie setting. I drink it on the way to work.

green smoothie

2)I eat an apple or Laura Bar for a quick snack while the kids go to their specials classes.

3) For lunch- I buy romaine lettuce from the store and stir fry chicken breasts. The stir fry chicken works best because its already cut into strips. I put on some seasoning and then make a caesar salad.  Instead of caesar dressing I use vinegar, oil, salt and pepper and cover it with romano cheese.

5) For dinner, Marcos usually cover this…I just bought at instant pot so I’m excited to try some easy delicious dinners.

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