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Friends with Kids

It was funny to come across this post below from 2014 about friends with kids. A friend recently said to me, “You were so not understanding about kids and now ya know.” I asked “Really?” Reading this, I now get what she meant.

I needed some years of maturing and a kid I guess. Every step can be lonely. With kids and without. Having kids when all of my friends already had kids was a much easier process than sailing uncharted waters alone.

Also, who wants to eat at a diner at 2AM ?  WAA? 10pm at the late late latest.

What I wrote…

Friends with Kids

When I was in Japan some of my close girlfriends had kids. You can read about it here. The thing is, while I have some friends with kids, most of them are what I would call ” single” meaning without kids. To me sometimes it feels like two camps: The singles and the parents. We can sleep in, go to the movies several nights a week, take last-minute trips and eat at our local diner at 2am if we want. I know becoming parents is a chapter coming up for us…  but for now, I really enjoy and appreciate every moment of the single life.

The hard part is when your friends are no longer single. They leave parties early, can’t be as spontaneous, cancel a lot. I am trying to figure out how to better relate to my friends with kids but without a kid, it can be difficult.

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