Front Door Makeover

Updated: Jul 1

When I went to college in Boston I would walk around Beacon Hill and admire the old brick brownstones with the bold doors in reds, blues, or other beautiful hues. I swore that one day, when I owned a home, I would have a bold door.

I originally wanted to paint the door red but our brick already has a red hue. After choosing about 20 paint sample around the same color Marcos and I decided on Cobalt blue. The blue hue, in Feng Shue, promotes prosperity, creativity, and community when you enter. I completed the project in a few hours and I love the results. Our neighbors loved it so much they decided to paint their door too!



Here is how you paint your front door:

  1. Look on Pinterest obsessively for front door color inspiration 😉

  2. Choose a paint color

  3. Remove the locks and knobs.

  4. Tape around the windows on the door if you have them

  1. Clean the door and use a palm sander to roughen the flat surfaces of existing paint

  2. Wipe the entire door clean with a dry rag to remove dust

  3. Roll paint on the flat surface. The paint guy at home depot said that primer isn’t as necessary these days because a lot of paint has the primer in it

  4. Use a small roller to apply a consistent paint application. Use a brush in the crevices.  You may want to do two coats of paint.

  5. When the paint is dry, re-attach the hardware.

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