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3 Tips to get your Toddler to Eat Veggies!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I’m always trying to eat veggies, I’m ALWAYS trying to get Fitz to eat veggies. As a couple who talked pre-kids about how we would never have a picky eater, its extra salty for me when my kids is like loving everything beige. When he does eat a beet or something I act like I won the lottery- it really makes me that happy.

A nutritionist told us:

  1. Tell them that veggies make you strong and help you to see in the dark (SERIOUSLY THIS WORKS!)

  2. That just exposing them to a variety of vegetables is important even if they don’t eat it

  3. Talk about how much we love veggies as we eat them

So aside from vowing daily how much we love veggies, things like lentil soup, and a great salad to Fitz I am getting crafty about how I sneak in veggies.

  1. I buy chopped cauliflower rice at whole food and mix it in with rice or cottage cheese- he doesn’t even notice

  2. Quesadillas are an awesome way to insert all the things in oozing cheese. I use the Vitamix to grind spinach and broccoli then I sautee it and put it in the quesadilla with chicken

  3. I sometimes call fish “fish nuggets” to make him think its like chicken nuggets- its all in the language right?!

  4. I give him all the veggie options and foods we have with the hope that eventually he will just eat what we eat.

Any tips on recipes or tricks to get your kid to eat veggies?

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