GTFO of Denver this Spring

Marcos and I are chronic ticket purchase delayers CPD. We either are indecisive about where we want to go (Peru or CA…seriously that was us for weeks). We also hover our finger right above the cart and never want to hit buy even when ticket prices are great. This drives Shelby crazy, she doesn’t get it. Anyways,  we end up, weeks after our great idea, buying tickets that are not as good of an idea as they originally were.

(Two ladies escaping the waves in Mexico…I love this shot I took on our honeymoon)

Last week at Happy Hour my friend Kaila told me about this app called GTFO (acronym is obv) and you can look up last minute deals to GTFO of Denver. It’s awesome for last minute spontaneous trips. 

If I could GTFO  I would go to Jamaica or Cancun. I am craving a beach.

In Mexico…takemeback!

Where would you go? Right now flights are looking good from Denver to Chadron CDR (WTF is that?!) and Miami.

Happy Almost Spring,




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