How to Host a Surprise Party…Marcos’s Birthday Surprise

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Okay, here’s how it goes.  I finished a long day of work, rushed to whole foods to pick up the cakes, went to Target for last minute party supplies, took a  fast shower, hid the party stuff in the basement, got ready in 45 minutes, went on a date with my husband (answering texts throughout about where tape was and when we would be home) and then, with the help of  Shelby and friends, walked Marcos into the SURPRISE party! Its a lot of work to plan a surprise party, but totally worth it.


Marcos is an amazing partner and I wanted to do something special for his birthday. It wasn’t a big birthday, I just wanted a fun excuse to celebrate with all of our friends and he is not really (not all all) into being part of a planning a party for himself. I think that life is too short to wait for big occasions to do big things.


This is how I planned the party:

1)I sent an invite using Paperless Post. Their invitations are beautiful. I customized the invite with Marcos’s picture which made it fun.

2)I work about 50 hours a week so I didn’t have time to make the dinner.  I also didn’t want something generic to eat. I was looking for something ethnic and packed with flavor.  I ordered popular dishes at Cuba Cuba sandwicheria in Glendale. The Cuba Cuba restaurant is a more expensive and delicious restaurant, their sandwicheria has the same high quality food but it’s casual.   They have meat and vegetarian options and the price for catering all the food was really affordable. I ordered 2 cakes from Whole Foods.


3)I told Marcos I had a date planned and that we would start at the bar down the street, The Thin Man. We went and got cocktails while at home my Sister and friends were setting up the food, decor, and getting ready to hide. Shelby kept sending me code texts like “remember Mom’s keys=meaning remember to leave me the keys and other key words that I didn’t get a first. By then end she was like,” hurry home, we are all hiding in the dark here.”