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How to Host an (actually fun) Baby Shower

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Our friend Kaycee is having twins so we threw her a baby shower on a  sunny day a few weeks ago. Baby showers are events I usually dread (or used to before I was bitten by the baby bug). I naturally take one step back from games like measuring a pregnant tummy, putting a lot of effort into guessing baby things, looking at baby contraptions….because its all about the me, right?! (No)

Luckily, Kaycee is not into organized group games or guessing things. We are into drinking coffee, talking, and eating. Read below on how to host a simple and fun baby shower.


Our friend’s adorable baby enjoyed the party too!


The lovely Kaycee at her shower.


Here was my plan for the shower:

For the invitation, like always, I used Paperless Post. Their invitations are classic and lovely. You can also order paper versions of all the invites.

card for shower

For the baby shower activity I ordered a string of craft paper bunting on Amazon. As people mingled and chatted they took time sit down and  write  an affirmation, quote, or hope for Kaycee while she is pushing her twins out.


The advice was heartfelt and funny. She can put the bunting in the hospital bag and hang it in her room when she is giving birth. Every time she is tired or just wanting to quit she can look up, be inspired by the words, and keep going. (That’s the plan at least) She can also put it in the nursery later or wrap it up and save it in a baby book.


For the food we had a donut tower (Kaycee loves donuts) mimosas, coffee, and bagels with cream cheese and veggie toppings. It was simple and yummy.


After Kaycee opened presents, we all shared what we wrote on our flags and it was beautiful and inspiring. We can’t wait to meet these boys who are already loved so much.


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