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How We Manage Newborn Sleep Deprivation

Newborn baby sleeping
Newborn sleeping tips

The sleep deprivation can lead to desperation that is REAL. Newborns don't know night from day and unless you have a unicorn baby- for the first 6-12 weeks the lack of sleep can be brutal.


We do shifts. My shift is from 9-3am and Marcos does 3am-8:30/9:00am while also managing breakfast and getting our 3.5 year old up and ready for the day. This way we are guaranteed uninterrupted sleep for a few hours. It helps us have something to look forward to and keeps us from losing our minds (mostly).

The shifts work for us because our child takes a bottle and my breastfeeding has been going well. I pump during the day and prepare 2 bottles for the evening. You could also do this with formula. The shifts have also helped with bonding. Marcos giving the baby bottles and comforting her during the night has helped them bond. It has also helped our relationship because he is sharing some of the physical and emotional weight that comes with new motherhood.

There are many people for whom this doesn't work and many reasons why it may not work for you but I wanted to share it here in case it can help with the early sleepless nights in your home. Do you have tips you swear by that help with the sleep deprivation?

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