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After Rome we took the train to Naples (Don’t stop in Naples…not recommended) and took a boat ride to the island of Ischia.


Ischia is an island close to the famous Capri, but less touristy. Gardenia Mare, our Airbnb, was perched high on a hill but still close to everything because the island is small. We had dinner that first night looking over the mediterranean and a medieval castle on a small island a few yards from the main island.


We spent the next couple of days lounging on  the natural lava rocks under umbrellas and taking a dip in the sea. Usually you have to rent an umbrella but our little apartment came with a private beach area. We walked into town to get treats from a little fruit stand, eat gelato, and buy some souvenirs. The beach life was a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of Rome.


On our last night Marcos researched a restaurant called Il Focolare and we drove 30 minutes into the forest to find it.  The motto of the restaurant is ‘Ischia, l’isola verde, è un’isola di terra,’ (Ischia, the green island, is an island of land). Rather than the traditional bread and pasta dishes, the family, the parents and kids mostly works at the restaurant, buy and use food closest to the actual restaurant. You will find zucchini, root vegetables, and plants that grow on the island in each dish. They are  most famous for their wild rabbit stew!

il foccolore

Ischia is a place we would like to open up a bar and move to! After Ischia, we took the boat, and then the train, and then the Fiat towards Tuscany! Check in tomorrow for the last chapter of our trip.

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