The last week of our trip we spent in Toscana.

We were exhausted by the time we got into Florence and still had a drive into the countryside to reach the argroturismo Podere Spedalone. The long process was worth it!

We rented this cute cream fiat and navigated through the windy hills of Tuscany late at night. We were welcomed with water, snacks, and a beautiful room.

The next morning we ate a long leisurely breakfast overlooking the Tuscan hills. Agroturismos are all about the  experience of eating local farm foods and often staying on a local active farm. Podere Spedalone is a renovated Tuscan home with chickens, pigs,  and a bull. They make their own olive oil, honey and cure their own meats. If you are foodie, its heaven. If you are not, it’s still heaven. Marcos rolled pasta with the chefs and we brought back four different kinds of flour and olive oil to make our own pasta, with the Tuscan influence, back in Denver.

Our days consisted of taking the fiat to local medieval villages, lounging by the pool, and eating 5 course family dinners that lasted over 3 hours many nights. People from all over the world book rooms at Spedalone  and over dinner we met people from Russia, Sweden, Germany, and China.

The owners make you feel like you are at home. You can just chill and enjoy the good life.

Spending a week relaxing in Tuscany was the perfect end to our Italy vacation.

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