(Long) Weekend Getaway: Oahu

Hi friends, Shelby here.  I am sharing photos from our recent trip to Hawaii.  One of my close friends from law school grew up there and we were thrilled when she decided to have her wedding there.  Because Zach is teaching and is in the middle of the soccer season, we had to make it a quick trip.

We arrived late Wednesday night, rented a car, and drove about 25 minutes outside Honolulu, to the area we were renting a house.  The next morning we grabbed breakfast and went to an outdoor market in the neighborhood to get some provisions for the group vacation house.  Then we headed to the beach.

Our group has mastered the art of group vacation houses!  Ten of us rented a house and the apartment next door.  We would wake up early (the time change was killer), make breakfast together, and plan the day.  Then people would split off in groups depending on what the day held.  Friday a group of us went on a hike along the North Shore.

Friday evening we went into Downtown Honolulu to visit some friends.  We had a great meal at a restaurant in Chinatown and then went for Shave Ice afterward.  Shave Ice is kind of a big deal in Hawaii.  Also, note that is is Shave, no “shaved” Ice.  We took over this small Shave Ice and Ice Cream shop in Chinatown.  I love the owner’s hair (it matches the colors on the Shave Ice cups!)

Saturday was the wedding, and it was insanely beautiful.  The couple is amazing together and everyone was so happy.  The venue was the bride’s middle school!

Sunday we had a relaxing beach day.  (And more Shave Ice, of course!)

Can’t wait for the next group vacation!

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