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Making Monday the Weekend

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I just had an epiphany. Instead of waiting for the end of the week I have decided that Fitz and I will enjoy a Monday adventure to start the week off right.

So often I look forward to upcoming things instead of just enjoying time when we have it, now! As a current stay at home mom I still follow the pattern of looking towards the weekend but everyday can be treated like the weekend now. I find myself tired and sluggish early in the week and today I was like-okay, let’s switch it up and do something fun. I was acting like the schedule controlled me when its the other way around (except for nap times, haha)

Today we went to see the animals at Tilden Park-a beautiful (and free!) state park. We saw cows, chickens and what Fitz lovingly calls wabbits.

Even if you are not staying home with kiddos I think this practice of an early in the week treat could be motivating. Maybe time for yourself, a walk, a manipedi, dinner out with your partner? What could you do to actually look forward to a Monday?

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