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Mom Jeans

Are you one of those people who buys the perfect pair of jeans, wears them everyday, and inevitably says “I wish I had bought two pairs!” I am now one of those annoying people, who bought not one, two, three–but four pairs of her favorite jeans! I was able to do this because they were $6.90 from Uniqlo! WFT you say? I know!

I found the PERFECT pair of jeans and bought two in light wash, dark wash, and faded charcoal. I even bought them for my mom and sister because they were such a steal. I am not someone who just buys things on sale. I started with one pair but went back to the store because $7 and they fit so well. Several people have stopped me on the street to ask where they are from and I hope you can find them there still!

I have worn these jeans essentially everyday since I bought them and they are part of my Mom uniform. What is your go-to- mom jean? Is anyone else hating skinny jeans these days?

Photos by @rouxby

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