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My New Workout

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Working out  has always helped me with stress and anxiety. Before we moved to Berkeley I had big plans to join a Crossfit gym. My hope was to start a healthy routine, meet some people, and get ripped. Fast forward to real life. I joined the YMCA. They are super affordable, have childcare, and a kinder-gym so -sold! I find myself in classes like Cardio Dance with the average age being around 65. Guess what? I love it! The workouts are good for my body. They are gentler and honestly more fun than a typical millennial workout that can push you to your limits (is this hardcore no stopping attitude reflected anywhere (everywhere!) else in society?!)

In the classes most people no longer give two $%@s  about what they are wearing, what they look like, or even if they are following the steps. It’s been lovely and freeing to dance and sweat and not care at all. I think it is teaching me that in many cases we (I) take myself too seriously and that one should never give two #$&%!s  because life is too short and we are all just fine.

Image from my class at the YMCA 😉

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