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Nursery Planning on Budget

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The nursery. It’s important because it’s the setting where my imagination about what it’s like to parent takes place. I know my  “imaginings” are far from the reality but the nursery doesn’t have to be.

Originally I was scouring Pinterest and Land of Nod for inspiration but I wasn’t feeling inspired. I don’t  want the room to feel to baby-like, gender focused  or themed. Ideally, the nursery will grow with the baby. The room is small and my overall my  inspiration was to create a cheerful, cozy, modern, comfortable and inspiring space for our little family.

My goal is to complete this nursery on a budget so I  replaced  original expensive pieces with Ikea, Target and RugsUsa products.

Originally I wanted to find a vintage dresser to use as a changing table but the room is small and I don’t feel like painting or refinishing anything. We have a closet so we don’t really need a dresser right now. With any room, you should never just buy something because it fits. If you don’t really need it, don’t get it.

The crib is Babyletto and the changing table is from Ikea. They match enough and it saves me $250 on a matching Babyletto changing table which I realized, doesn’t matter.


I looked for mirrors and lamps at vintage stores and they were so expensive, too big, or just not right. This brass mirror and gold lamp are currently on sale at Target. I  like mixing metals and again, these will grow with the baby’s room in the future.  The West Elm versions are basically the same and were over $400 together! These two pieces are a steal so buy them quick if you are interested.


I love Etsy because it supports small business and the art is charming, original and whimsical. During late night feedings I will love looking at this friendly elephant and the “I think I Can” print inspired me from the moment I found it–I would move it into our room for daily inspiration.


We have the grey version of these velvet curtains from West Elm in our room. They totally block out the light and you cannot find high quality velvet curtains from other sites (I’ve looked) in my price range. The curtains will be placed higher than the window to give the illusion that the window is bigger than it is. The heaviness will add coziness and elegance to the space.


There are about 10 million gliders on the market ranging from $200-$1600! I thought about buying one used but they get a lot of wear and tear and I decided on a lower priced new one rather than a very used– used one.  My friend’s say the glider is  must have so we will see. The glider I am thinking about is from Target. I am still deciding on which glider to get.  Any suggestions?

The rug will bring the room together and I’m still not sure about the rug. Here are the two I am thinking about. They are both natural fibers, made of wool, which is better for the baby and environment.  What color rug do you suggest? Rugs USA has insane deals on rugs and I recommend them to all of my friends looking for great deals on rugs.


So there it is, my nursery inspiration. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and to do the nursery reveal in a few weeks!


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