Obsessed With – Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil-Cruella

The Nars Cruella lip pencil looks good on every skin tone and I have been wearing it for every special event or day when I wanted to feel special, this winter. With jeans and a t-shirt it can make you instantly date ready.  For an evening event you don’t need to wear heavy makeup and can go with dewy skin and just the lip pencil for a bold look.

During Thanksgiving all the ladies tried on this lip pencil and everyone looked awesome and festive. 

The pencil doesn’t get all over your teeth and clothes and lasts all night. You can kiss someone without it smearing off on them too…Marcos and I both like that.

Now that it feels like Spring in Denver, I may need a different shade of wear-anywhere red.  What do you think of this coral-toned red for the Spring?

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