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I mentioned the shop Scarlett and Sage in San Francisco in my post about our week in the bay area.  Heather, my sister in law, has beautiful affirmations in her home and lovely products from this shop so whenever we are in San Francisco we make a stop at Scarlett and Sage Apothecary.

When you go to the store they have tonics in old fashioned jars and the air smells like lavender. Marcos and I have a busy couple of weeks coming up so we asked them for natural oils to help with focus, stress, and being present.  We got angel cards and they just have words written on them like humility, patience, and authenticity.  You just pick a couple each day and think about those intentions in your daily life. We also got essential oil blends to put in our smoothies or diffuser with herbs that help with concentration.

Scientifically I do not subscribe to natural oils and herbs as a healing method… but I do subscribe to eliminating stress and feeling good.  Breathing in peppermint clears my head and taking time to say some kind of positive affirmation can reset my thinking and help me become present. I put lavender oil on my pillow before bed and just the routine of setting up a bedtime ritual helps me relax. I love breathing in the affirmation inhaler at work because it helps me stay present. You breath in the scent and repeat the affirmation.

Do you have oils, teas, or herbs that help with stress control or staying present? My friend Kaycee loves the DoTerra oils but I haven’t tried them yet. When do you use oils or natural products in your life?

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