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Obsessed with-Skin Savior Wonder Balm

By Shannon


I hate washing my face at night.  Marcos takes these long relaxing showers before bed and I can barely wash my face, I am tired and night and don’t like doing anything but falling into bed. This obviously led to breakouts.

Enter- the magic balm-One love organics Skin Savior multi tasking wonder balm. It’s all organic and requires about 90 seconds of your time. You rub the balm until its warm in your hands and then massage the balm onto your dry skin. As you rub it collects all the dirt and oil. You take the rest off with a damp towel and you face feels lighter and looks bright and shiny clean. You also don’t have to splash any water on your face.

This is the easiest nighttime routine and it leave my skin feeling squeaky clean.

Bonus– you can also use the balm for a moisturizer.

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