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Hosting Thanksgiving!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

There is a lot of work that goes into hosting a dinner for 14 people.  Our tip is to do as much as you can beforehand.  A cooking tip…cooking the dark meat separate from the white meat will help you avoid a dry turkey. We bought our turkey at Marczyk foods in Denver. They  have high quality, and happily raised, birds.


A few weeks before Thanksgiving we assigned people sides to bring which made cooking less stressful. For the decor my Mom and I went to Cost Plus world market and bought a runner and matching napkins. They also have really affordable white plates if you need to need to add extra place settings to the table.  The flower centerpiece was from Safeway!


One of my students made a turkey drawing for me the day before Thanksgiving. I scanned her picture and used them as place setting cards for each person.  During dinner each person shared what they are Thankful for during this season.


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