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Our Move to Berkeley

We moved from Denver to Berkeley in August.  Marcos is going to law school at Berkeley so we packed up a cube and a car and moved to Cali. We are living in student housing and I am taking a few months off of work to figure out the area, meet some friends, get Fitz familiarized with the area, and contemplate the next move.

The transition has been bitter-sweet. My Dad passed away on the first day of classes for Marcos. The grieving process has been coupled with other grieving processes- the change of a familiar home, community, and work. These losses are particularly challenging when grieving can often be supported with familiar routine.

The sweet part is that although we have spent a lot of time in the East Bay it kind of feels like an extended vacation. Our neighborhood is diverse, there are a million things to do, and we are closer to Marcos’s family. When we walk to the playground it is normal to hear several languages being spoken and at the end of our music class we sing goodbye in about ten languages to represent the backgrounds of all the little people playing together.

We are in the process of creating our life here and its starting to feel like home.

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