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Perspective from my Baby Boy


Lately, I have been feeling pretty stressed. My everyday also includes a little buddy kicking and reminding me to keep in all in perspective. It’s the oddest feeling carrying a little man around inside me. I walk my kids to the bus and they say “goodbye Mrs. McQueen and little baby!”I love that he can hear all my “other” kids voices. When I start getting stressed, the baby kicks, like “chill out Ma!” It’s a constant reminder that I am not alone.

For a few weeks I was starting to feel clausterphobic sharing space with this new moving belly bump. The responsibility, along with my body, was literally feeling heavy. I felt like I wanted to just take the baby off and grow him like houseplant in another room, not in me.

Now, I am starting to feel comforted by his presence. My active baby boy is a constant reminder of what is really important. My health, his health, my family, my students. It helps to melt away the negativity happening outside of that realm. The baby is helping me change my perspective. His tiny presence reminds me to focus on important things and his kicks and jabs help me decide, for the both of us,  what energy I choose to put into the world –or take in.

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