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Pre-Loved LOVE

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I have always had a love of antique and vintage finds. It’s become a norm and hobby to search for pre-loved furniture, art and homes. I love scouring through antique markets, estate sales and craigslist. I love exploring old homes because the way they are built are akin historic masterpieces- Modern homes just aren’t made with the old home craftsmanship I love.

I like things that come with a story and an energy of having been someplace else. Buying pre-loved things is often more economical and I’ve actually scored some beautiful original artwork for a fraction of what a print might have cost at a West Elm or Restoration Hardware. In the bay area I have enjoyed getting to know the area and neighbors by buying local gently used items. It takes more work but I have a greater appreciation for the things I own when I am not creating more waste or consuming extra. I get exactly what I want and pay a price that works with a limited budget.

I scored these antique books from a local interior design shop during a moving sale last week. The set cost $5.00! WAaa? So, ya.

I took those books home with an extra hop to my step. Are you a new or pre-owned type of person?


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