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Pregnancy Must Haves

Today I wanted to share a few products that have helped me during the pregnancy.   Overall, I thought I would use and discover a lot of new pregnancy products but the process has been low key. Here are my recommendations for products that are worth investing in both during and after pregnancy.

  1. I use this lavender mist to spray my snoogle (we will get to that) every night before bed. The lavender helps if you are feeling nauseous. The light fragrance makes your pillow feel cool, helps with anxiety, and will not disturb the person sleeping next to you. 


2) Bio Oil-I have used Bio Oil almost nightly since from about 12 weeks.  Stretch marks run in my family and I haven’t had one yet (fingers crossed!). The bio oil doesn’t have a strong oder like Palmers Coco Butter or other creams.  Several of my friends complain of itchy bellies from the stretching and so far, it hasn’t been a problem for me.


A Good Razor-I discoved The Schick Razor in Japan where everyone used them.  The thick grip with the built in soap has been a lifesaver, especially when you get to the point where you feel like you have swallowed a basketball and cannot bend so easily.


Our midwife recommended The Snoogle during my second trimester. It basically takes up the space of another person in the bed but it’s so worth it, especially now, at 34 weeks. As your body grows it molds to just the right places to support your back and stomach. I am actually sleeping through most night while a lot of friends wake up constantly in discomfort…maybe its the snoogle?!


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