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Project Declutter Step 2: Visualize the New Space

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

After reflecting and writing my reason for decluttering  the next step was visualizing the new spaces I wanted to create.  I listed each room in my house and how I want it to look and feel like. I tried to be as specific as possible. For me its important to have a visual to look forward to.

Bathroom: A clean oasis I am excited to relax in.  Easy to access essentials that help me take care of my mind and body. Essential Oil diffuser

Bedroom: Cozy, romantic and inviting

Closet: Only the clothes that fit and that I love wearing. I also only want seasonal clothing in my closet. I want to wear pajamas and workout clothes that I look forward to putting on. I would like to get rid of accessories and clothing I haven’t worn in years

Fitz’s Room: I want it to be clean, organized, bright and happy. I want it to be a place he can relax and sleep well. I would like the toys to be easily accessible and all clothing to fit, be comfortable, and look great

Living Room- Less toys, more accessible. A larger rug that doesn’t shed

Kitchen- I would like a rug so the kitchen feels warmer and stools so we can entertain guests and hangout in the space. I would like the pantry (cupboard) to be organized, along with other nooks and crannies. I want the fridge to be filled with fresh food and to create a space that feels exciting to create healthy meals

Dining Room- I would love to have plants that look alive! The dining room table holds mail and misc items. I would like to replace those with fresh flowers

Fitz Highchair-I would like to donate this highchair and use a booster seat to cut down on cleaning and transition him to the table with us.

Entry Way- I would like our bags and stroller to have their own space and holders.

Coat Closet-It will have shoes and coats that we use regularly and that are in good shape. The reusable grocery bags will be easily accessible, along with work bags

Hall Closet-This is an area with a lot of my work papers and photography gear. I would like to take time and think about what I actually need there and make sure each shelf is easily accessible and we are using the things that we keep.Each thing will have a purpose and space

What room would you start the visioning process with? The kitchen, the playroom, basement?!?

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