Rosenberg’s Bagels

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Rosenbergs Bagels in the Five Points neighborhood is a regular breakfast or lunch spot for us.  We live about five minutes away so we actually got bagels there the day they opened and we keep going back.  Its literally right by the light rail so  if you live outside the neighborhood its easy to get there.

This place is authentic. The water they use  has the same mineral content as New York City so their bagels taste just like the ones you can get in The Big Apple. There is a huge window into the kitchen so while you are waiting on line ( East Coast way of saying in line) you can watch them make bagels from scratch. This place reminds me of the neighborhood spots I used to enjoy in Boston where people are loud, happy, and most people are regulars.

You can get an egg sandwich that will fill you for the day or bagels and lox. I suggest getting the egg bagel or a simple bagel with schmear so you can really appreciate the bagel itself.  Rosenberg’s also caters. Bagels and Lox for a baby shower or Bridal shower are so much more interesting than mini quiche or generic fare.

If you want a delicious brunch go to Rosenbergs. You can get bagels to go or eat in the busy restaurant. Be prepared to wait in line if you go on the weekend…but its so worth it.

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