Scheduling Professional Family Portraits in Denver

Professional portraits can be expensive, but capturing a certain time in your life, doesn’t really have a price. We get portraits done every couple of years. I imagine our next ones will be maternity (eventually…) and then new family portraits. Through photography you can capture the days awaiting a new life, the first days of having a new family, the, if you get a great photographer, real moments, captured beautifully. I took these portraits of my friend a few weeks before her baby was born. She was beautiful and felt calm and confident. 

A professional photographer took our engagement photos and three years later, another photographer took our anniversary  portraits.

The engagement photos were taken a day before our wedding. When I look at them I remember the warm weather, that we were headed to our rehearsal dinner after, that I was drinking white wine in the first apartment we lived in together.  I felt excited to get to marry Marcos the next day.  In these pictures we were not yet married and its so fun to look back and remember that time.

When I look at our anniversary pictures, I think of how we rode our bikes to City Park, before we moved a block away. I remember that at that time we had recently moved back from Japan and I was about to begin graduate school.  So much happened between August 2011-August 2014.

Laura Murray took these photos of our family. Shelby and Zach used some of the portraits for their engagement photos so you can use the prints for a variety of purposes.

Professional photos are worth the cost because you are captured at a certain time in your life, beautifully. Our photos hang in our home and they will continue to be hung as we welcome children into our home, our bodies and hair change, and we age. Photography freezes time and that’s an amazing investment.

Shelby and Zach at City Park, by Laura Murray

Laura Murray Photography, Colorado, Engagement, Film

Laura Murray Photography, Colorado, Engagement, Film

Photos above are by Dan Chen, Laura Murray, and me.

My favorite Denver photographers- I have worked with and love all of these photographers.

Laura Murray 

Rouxby -pronounced Rooby

Julie Harris Photography

and my site here 

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