Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Zach’s close family friends host a Seder dinner that Zach and his family have been going to since he was a little kid.  When I started dating Zach, I got to be a part of this wonderful tradition as well.  My first Seder was in 2003 and I look forward to it every year.  Kids run around, babies squeal, and the adults drink wine and talk. We all celebrate the season of change, growth, family, and friendship by reading about the traditions of Passover.

The food is prepared days in advance and the gathering feeds your belly and your soul.  Our hosts truly understand that food = love

I love that the Haggadah I held back in 2003 is the same one I held this year (with a few more wine spatters on it from reciting the ten plagues!).   The Seder dinner is about remembering history through tradition and ritual.   My first few Seder dinners I focused on learning about the significance of what we were doing – why we wash our hands at certain times, why we deep bitter herbs in salt, and understanding the meaning of all the food symbols on the Seder Plate.  Now that I have been part of this for years, I look at Seder in a different way.  It is our chance to catch up with friends (who are family) that we may only see once a year at Seder.  As I start thinking about having kids I think about how wonderful it will be for them when they get to be the youngest reader.

It was also great for me when my extended family started inviting my sister and Marcos to Seder dinner.  We feel so lucky to be a part of so many communities and traditions.

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