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Shop Local – Talulah Jones

Shelby here, with love for a wonderful local business – Talulah Jones – on 17th and Park Avenue in Uptown.

The minute you walk into this shop you feel at home.  The women who run it are friendly and helpful and there is often a little shop dog chilling in a cozy corner.  The interior design also makes it feel like home.  It has a bohemian-glam aesthetic that reminds me of my house growing up.


Talulah Jones is my go-to place for any gift.  I have a lot of baby showers in my life right now, and I will walk into the store and describe the mom-to-be and the person working will find the perfect gift to fit my friend.  I also go there for non-baby, non-kid gifts.  They have beautiful cards and wonderful gifts like unique cookbooks, interesting jewelry and clothes, and high-quality beauty products.


I used to get stressed out about having to get a gift for someone – I always want to find something meaningful but that can take a lot of time.  Now I head straight to Talulah’s and I am at peace as soon as I walk in.  And they have great gift-wrapping!


What are your favorite places in Uptown?

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