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Shopping For: Summer Sandals

Shelby here.  I have started buying dresses and other summer clothes, anxious for sunny days and warm nights.  Almost every season I buy a new pair of flat sandals and then have worn them out by the next Summer.  This year I am looking to make an investment and find quality sandals that are timeless enough I can wear them for years to come.

After spending (too much) time on Pinterest and scrolling through fashion blogs, I have narrowed it down to three choices.

Sam Edelman

The Greta Thong is definitely a classic that will stay in style for years to come.  And I almost always buy black sandals.  They go with everything and they hide wear and tear.



I am really into Everlane’s unique philosophy for fashion retail.  The quality you get for the price is phenomenal.  This Italian Slingback Sandal looks like something I could wear every day on a trip to Europe.



I have found that a wedge can sometimes be even more comfortable than a flat because it is soft around your arches.  I also like the two-tone pattern of the leather on the Vangie Slide.

Any other suggestions you think I should consider?

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