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Staying Home with Fitz

I will be staying at home with Fitz for the first couple of months as our family transitions to Berkeley. Here are a few thoughts on the reality so far:

  1. I adore my baby. He is hilarious, sweet, and up for adventure (except when he is hungry and tired)

  2. Its exhausting! I can adore him and still need a coffee pick me up at 3pm everyday

  3. I am meeting other mamas so it feels like maternity leave–except for the running after a little person with lots of opinions and needs

  4. I don’t think stay at home moms get the credit they deserve

  5. You are also a chef, house manager, cleaner, and researcher

The cooking and cleaning parts are the most challenging for me because Marcos was the primary cook in our family. The cleaning–WFT. It’s never ending with a toddler!

I had imagined this calm and serene schedule where Fitz and I go to the city, stroll around Golden Gate Park, and then come home to healthy food I had prepared. I thought about strolling through the farmers markets with Fits and buying fresh seafood. The reality is that grocery shopping with a toddler is nerve wracking and needs to be done QUICK! We have had to fit adventure time in with naps and we haven’t yet been to the farmers market.

I have had to really think about what I need and that is hard when you are just constantly on the move and being the support person to your spouse, child, (HOUSE!).  My plan for this week is to outsource, workout, and use the Instant Pot! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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