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The She-Cave

Marcos and I spent  a lot of time in our upstairs living room after Fitz arrived. We did shifts where one of us spent half the night with Fitz while the other slept in our room. Those times were tender and hard. The blue walls of this tiny room, felt to me, like they were caving in.  I was craving something fresh and new. This was five months ago and guess what? I still feel that way!  Only now the space has also become a makeshift office and my computer, along with a bowl of chocolate covered almonds, is usually on the floor. Along with lots of baby finger prints on the screen.

I am in the process of creating a space haven for Marcos and I. M has given me full range for what I can the she-cave.  I want the space to function as our tv room and office. I am thinking minimal design. White walls, modern art, tribal rug, some gold accents to warm up the space.

I love these modern abstract prints. This artist is from the UK and his prints are the greatest (not so secret anymore).

This sputnik flush mount is easier than a chandelier and affordable. The brass color will add warmth to the room and replace the oversized brown fan we currently have in the room.

This tribal rug I love. My friend has the same one in her house. Not sure If I should go with something more neutral as the space is small. Thoughts?

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