Travel Planning

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hello! (Shelby signing on.)  Zach and I love to travel together and we have made it a priority to do at least one big trip each year.  Last year we went to Croatia in July for our honeymoon.  The year before that we went to Spain and the year before that, Japan.  Because I just started a new job, I feel like I need to get settled in before taking a long trip, so our next adventure probably will not be until November (when Zach has a break from teaching and coaching Soccer).

Zach in Montenegro last summer

Kyoto 2012

Planning trips are almost as fun as taking them. Zach and I usually buy travel books and sit down together at a coffee shop or at home with a glass of wine; we take notes on the local cuisine and top things to do, and use a calendar to plan an itinerary.

In Madrid 2014

We have both been wanting to go to Colombia, and also were thinking of the Dominican Republic, but now the Zika Virus has made us rethink those destinations.

In Croatia for our honeymoon last year

Here are some ideas we have been throwing around – please let me know if you have been to these places and what recommendations you have!


I went to Portugal with Alyce when we were studying in Spain in 2004, but I have been wanting to go back and Zach has never been.  I think we would spend only a couple nights in Lisbon and then rent a car and travel along the coast.  I would love to see this cave!