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Travel with a Toddler

Fitz has been on five flights in about seven weeks. We have picked up a few tips about traveling with a toddler. These are general things that have helped as I flew solo for 3 of the flights.

  1. Bring cleansing wipes in the baby bag. Wipe down hands frequently as there is a lot of time spent on the floor of the airport, touching everything and of course–the plane.

  2. Snacks–are everything! TSA will allow you to bring liquids if its for a baby so we bring two packets, a water bottle–with a little bit of apple juice (to ensure he stays hydrated) and crackers. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and messy snacks are overall, not worth it!

  3. Toys and books-2 only. I was juggling tons of books and toys and it was a cluster #$@&*. So, I decided 2 books and 2 small toys is it.

  4. Bottle–During takeoff he drinks from a bottle to avoid ear popping. Sipping for the small nipple helps with ear popping the ways breast feeding used to.

  5. Elmo–We downloaded Elmo episodes for our back pocket. We haven’t used him yet but having the episodes readily available are security.

  6. Packing-Bring very little. I left like 20 things at my sister’s house and was so annoyed by all of the options I brought. You can use the the laundry! I would say 3 outfits, 2 pajama sets.

What are your traveling with a baby tips?

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