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Welcome to Our Blog: Alcott and High

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Hi I’m Shannon. I live in the City Park West neighborhood with my husband Marcos. I work as a teacher and while its very rewarding, it can be all consuming at times. This is the place where I look forward to talking about the rest of my life and the city that I am loving. I am excited about writing on travel (my husband and I have perma wanderlust) food love, things I’m obsessed with (I love to share great finds with my friends) style, and about things coming up for women around my age.


Hi, I’m Shelby.  I am a lawyer and I live with my husband Zach in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver and this blog will be my creative outlet.  When I moved back home after finishing law school at Berkeley, people who were relocating to Denver (SO many people move here!) started contacting me to ask advice about where to live and what to do in the city.  I spent hours making “Shelby’s Denver Guide,” my thoughts on the vibes of different Denver neighborhoods, and more importantly, where to go for the best cup of coffee in that neighborhood.  And I want to do the same thing on this blog – I’ll try out new places, get to know different neighborhoods (what’s “hot” is always changing), review local businesses – and share it with all of you!


Let’s get this started!

Shannon and Shelby

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