What to do in New York City at Christmas

Marcos and I ate our way around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan right before Christmas. We stayed in Astoria with my best friend from college.  Our plan was to see friends, eat, and walk.  Below I am listing what we did on our very fun, mostly non-touristy, four days in New York City around Christmas.

  1. Go to Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, get coffee, and walk around looking at the shops. There is a food museum that just opened and Marcos loved identifying flavor profiles. Later that evening we had a delicious dinner at Pok Pok Thai. We have the cookbook at home so it was fun to finally taste their famous thai wings. Make reservations a few weeks in advance if you go over the weekend. For dessert we went to the chocolate room in Brooklyn, need I say more?

2) Walk around Central Park. It’s romantic and will burst you to the seams with holiday cheer. The Columbus Christmas market and the Plaza hotel (go to the food hall) border the park so its easy to spend a few hours people watching, eating, and then walking it off.

3)Ride the subways, so much easier than a cab,entertaining, and cheaper too. 

4) Keep the “big touristy things” like the Rockefeller tree in your back pocket. This was not a destination for us but we stumbled upon it after meeting some friends. It was not stressful trying to get there and push and shove,  but a lovely surprise, because it wasn’t a “destination” for us.

5) Visit Eataly, Mario Batali’s food project. It’s a huge indoor Italian marketplace where you can buy fresh pasta, meats, or sit down and have a meal. They have about 1200 options and it is a real foodie destination. You can also grab an espresso or glass of wine while your peruse the food options. Enjoy the city!

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