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What to wear on Valentine’s Day

My husband Marcos’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. We end up doing a birthday celebration and a Valentine’s date. The thing about Denver is that sometimes people consider a cute lulu outfit suitable for a date with their partner, and that is fine. But…for Valentines Day or special date night, get dressed up, its fun! They will appreciate it, but more importantly, you will feel awesome and that makes for a great night, right?!

I have picked out some cute date night outfits, all available at stores at Cherry Creek Mall if you want to go grab them. These date outfits will also work for 90 different events, they can be Colorado casual (you will look like you put effort in) or worn again for a cocktail party or wedding.

I bought the jumper for Valentine’s Day. I can also wear it to work with casual booties or to any function. Also, I can eat a ton and it still makes me feel awesome with all the draping.

Outfit 1  Madewell– This is a casual dress but can be dressed up with gold jewelry and some black strappy heels. (I am wearing this)

Madewell hot outfit for a date

Outfit 2-MadewellThe jumpsuit! Another forgiving look for eating lots of food! Some jumpsuits don’t work for curvy girls, but this one does! Its flattering. I don’t know how long this jumpsuit fad is going to last so buy one and wear it everywhere! I LOVE the jumpsuit. (side note…with jumpsuits you have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom, its weird, but worth it really) I love how elegant and simple this one is. I would wear it exactly like the image, no accessories, maybe a gold bracelet and gold stud earrings.

madewell jumpsuit

Outfit 3-Nordstrom-

This is a classic red dress. The zipper in the back is super sexy. Also, you can wear it again with flats and a jean jacket. I don’t necessarily love one-time only dresses. You and your partner will be thinking…HOT DAMN.

nordstom 2

If you cannot find these in-store at Madewell or Nordstrom you can order them now in time for Valentine’s Day!

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